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This is a blog about the trials and tribulations of performing a Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) on your own house.  For a more complete description of the project visit the project details.

The Blower Door

Well, it has been another couple of weeks of not much excitement around here, except for two things. We did get a favorable ruling from the Zoning Board of Appeals, so things on the permitting front are moving along. We now have a 21 day waiting period during which...

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Well, the thing about doing a renovation like we want to do, a deep energy retrofit, is that it requires planning. Lots and lots of planning, and what planning really means, apparently, is spreadsheets. Spreadsheets that log your current energy use, spreadsheets that...

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Exterior Pics

Front of house. Door moving to the RT where the windows are to make a new entry. New windows will put in where door used to be. Kitchen from the outside.

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East Elevation

View from the yard, right side of house. Window on left is the kitchen; the middle box (long vertical window) is a mudroom, and back bedroom (no window, far RT). On this side we are adding an uncovered deck and exterior stair to service rear egress door (replacing the...

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