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A Little General House info:

The house is one story “ranch,” but we have no cows.  It is built over a both an open crawlspace and an enclosed crawlspace over dirt floor.  The mechanicals are in unconditioned space.  The building uses an oil-fired boiler that burns at approx. 86% AFUE to provide heating and domestic hot water (DHW).  DHW is indirect from the boiler using a 40 gal SuperStor.  There is also a wood stove that is used frequently.

The Shell:

Finished Floor Area (FFA):        990 S.F.

Floor Over Open Crawl:           340 S.F.

Floor Over Enclosed Crawl:     650 S.F.

Ceiling Area (Vented Attic):       523 S.F.

Ceiling Area (Cathedral Roof):   467 S.F.

For energy we use:

Oil:                          315 gals/yr

Wood (estimated):   2 Cords/yr

kWh:                       7,236 kWh/yr

This totals to 104.4 MMBtu/yr in energy, which is right around 105,455 Btu/SF/yr.

This is quite a high number and well above the average for this area.

If anyone else is interested in finding out how their own house is performing, and comparing it to the average for these parts, there is a great article  right here that lays it out more clearly and concisely than I ever could.