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    Well, we are back.  After a long while, and after realizing our initial plan of a complete retrofit and participating in National Grid’s DER pilot program would have been too costly for us and too time consuming to do ‘on the side’, we have reevaluated. That is, we put it all aside, until one day….

I found that an ice IMG_0513dam from the previous winter had led to a leak through the roof into the wall of the bedroom. I had repairs to make, or the building would suffer.  Now I had an active leak, and some structural issues that needed to be remedied.

     Fortunately, National Grid’s DER program had evolved, and I am glad to say we are in.  The program now provides funding for DERs in much more manageable chunks, providing funding based on components; roof, walls, basements, etc. This enables homeowners to take advantage of the available incentives while keeping their renovation projects on a manageable scale.  The application process has also been simplified and National Grid is working to get this funding out there, and bring residential DERs to scale.